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How to access the English Bridge School

(download Joining Instructions for Teachers)

Step One – Accessing EBS

All EBTA teachers will automatically have had an EBS account set up for them. If you have not received an email advising you of your EBS email address, please contact us at

Please follow the instructions in your EBS invitation email to access your classroom and all teaching material.

How to get help & advice

If you are not able to access your classroom and all teaching materials, please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section, on the EBS website which can be found here:

Step Two – Google G-Suite

Your EBS account gives you access to Google’s G-Suite, which will provide you with all the tools you need to run your Bridge lessons. More information about the functionality of the apps in G-Suite can be found using the link below:


To access G-Suite click on the ‘waffle iron’ in the top right hand corner of your screen when you are signed into your EBS google account.

Step Three – Setting up your Classroom

We have set up example classrooms for the various bridge courses on EBS.

Instructions* on how to get started on classroom are here: 

Please note* : the classroom link above may prompt you to log in to your EBS account.

Step Four – Naming your Classrooms

Please choose a name for your classroom and share this with your students so they can find their way to your class quickly and easily.

Step Five – Signing Up your Students

Students can subscribe to each course using the Bridge Warehouse. Please tell your students which course they need to subscribe to.  

Course codes are used to identify the type and style of course: 

  • A for Acol  
  • SP for Standard Pathway – typically one or two year years of learning
  • AP for Accelerated Pathway – faster paced courses 
  • Level – A for beginners, year 1, B for intermediate level/year 2 

For example – ASPA Acol,Standard Pathway, Beginners level (year1)

Students will be able to purchase each course using the link below.


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