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How G suite works

With  English Bridge School your account is run with the powerful G Suite by Google. This gives you a number of additional business-grade services which are not included with Google’s free consumer apps. 

Here is an overview of some services which you may use for teaching. A quick start guide link is at the end of this article.

There are many applications included in G Suite which you can use for teaching. Our list below is in alphabetical order. Happy exploring!

Calendar  – does what is says. It can show your class  schedule with instant access to video conference with Meet. 

Chat – instant messaging between you and your learners, teacher groups and you.

Classroom – just as it says on the tin! A place for teachers to meet with their learners. Google Classroom allows you to use our ready-made courses, edit or add supplementary materials such as video, pdfs and quizzes. You can also create your own materials and add materials to your lessons from your own google drive, your PC or our shared Bridge Library. Classroom will seamlessly integrate with other Google tools like Google Slides, Docs and Drive.

Docs – software for designing your own homework or any other learning material

Drive – lots of room to store all your personal teaching material safely in the cloud. You can also access our shared drives for additional teaching resources. As your EBS account is in G suite for Education you have double the storage capacity of personal users. 

GMail – this is where to access all your EBS email and send email to your learners or teaching groups.

Your own email account will look something like this: your.name@englishbridgeschool.org

As a teacher you can keep this account for your own teaching work and communication with your learners. It is completely private. You can divert messages to another account if you wish. Your gmail account is also completely compatible with Microsoft Outlook and has additional security options such as two-step authentication

Hangouts – another place to communicate using video, voice or messaging

Jamboard – a virtual whiteboard to work on ideas or get creative with others. Great for Q and A during lessons.

Meet – video conferencing, completely FREE. No software download as it works in your browser. Up to 250 participants / 24 hours. NEW Breakout rooms feature.

Sheets – the spreadsheet application – somewhere to keep your learner details maybe

Slides – access to the EBS lesson presentations with colourful bridge layouts and examples. You can also create your own slides and materials. 

Ready to explore the G suite learning centre?

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